7 Bird-Watching Sites and Tours in Abra

Are you an avid bird-watcher? If so, Abra is the perfect destination to explore and observe some of the world’s most beautiful avian species.

Abra, Philippines, offers diverse bird-watching sites. Explore the Abra River Bird Sanctuary, Mount Bullagao, Kaparkan Falls, and Malibcong Rice Terraces. Discover avian wonders at Licuan-Baay Forest, Manabo Birding Site, and Langiden Trail. Immerse yourself in captivating landscapes and rich birdlife, making for an unforgettable experience.

In this blog post, we’ll explore seven of the best bird-watching sites and tours in Abra that are sure to please any bird enthusiast. Read on to learn more!

7 Bird-Watching Sites and Tours in Abra


1. Abra River Bird Sanctuary

Abra River Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit destination for bird enthusiasts. Located in the Philippines, it boasts a diverse range of bird species such as the rare White-browed Shama and the Philippine Scops Owl.

Bird-watching tours are offered regularly, allowing visitors to witness the beauty of these feathered creatures up close. During the tour, knowledgeable guides provide valuable information on the birds’ behaviors and habitats, making the experience both educational and enjoyable.

Additionally, the sanctuary provides a peaceful and picturesque environment that bird watchers of all levels can appreciate. Don’t miss the chance to observe the region’s stunning avian life at Abra River Bird Sanctuary.

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Abra River Bird Sanctuary


2. Mount Bullagao

Mount Bullagao, nestled in the province of Abra in the Philippines, is a paradise for bird-watching enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This towering mountain stands 1,345 meters high. Home to an incredible array of bird species, including the Olive-backed Sunbird, Philippine Serpent Eagle, and Luzon Hornbill.

With its breathtaking views and crisp mountain air, Mount Bullagao has become a popular destination for adventurous travelers seeking to connect with nature and witness the beauty of Philippine avian fauna up close.

Various tours are available for visitors, with trained guides equipped with expert knowledge of the region’s rich biodiversity, making for an unforgettable experience and a deeper appreciation of the wonders of nature.

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Mount Bullagao


3. Kaparkan Falls

Abra, a province situated in the Philippines, is renowned for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Its pride and joy reside in Kaparkan Falls – a magnificent cascade that offers a unique bird-watching experience to visitors.

The falls are not only a treat for the eyes but also a haven for various bird species found in the region. Kaparkan Falls serves as an ideal location for bird-watching enthusiasts and nature lovers who enjoy trekking photography, and bird-watching.

Professional tours are available in Abra that promise to deliver an unforgettable experience. These tours offer expert guidance, taking visitors to the most prominent bird habitats while sharing important insights into the various bird species.

Bird-watching at Kaparkan Falls is a must-try experience for visitors to Abra who want to explore the area’s stunning natural beauty and unique avian life.

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Hours Open: Sunday – Saturday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Kaparkan Falls


4. Malibcong Rice Terraces

Abra province in the Philippines is widely known for its stunning rice terraces. Among these is the Malibcong Rice Terraces area, which serves not only as a picturesque farming site but also as a bird-watching haven.

It is becoming a popular destination for bird enthusiasts who are keen on observing the unique avian species nesting in the terraced farms. Various tours are available to explore this scenic spot, including guided treks that take visitors along the trails winding up the hills.

Travelers can immerse themselves in the tranquil settings of nature and spot beautiful birds like the Luzon water redstart, whiskered tree-swift, and metallic-winged sunbird. If you’re looking for a special adventure to behold the beauty of the local flora and fauna, visiting Malibcong Rice Terraces should be at the top of your list.

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Malibcong Rice Terraces


5. Licuan-Baay Community-Based Forest Conservation Area

The Licuan-Baay Community-Based Forest Conservation Area in Abra, Philippines, is a must-visit destination for bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. With its spectacular natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

The area has become a hub for avian enthusiasts who visit from all over the world to catch a glimpse of the many species of birds that call this place home. The forest boasts over 150 different bird species, including endemic and migratory birds.

The best way to experience this breathtaking environment is by indulging in bird-watching tours. Experienced guides will lead you through the dense forest, pointing out the different species of birds and other wildlife along the way.

This is a wonderful opportunity to admire the natural world and learn more about the importance of conservation efforts. With its unparalleled beauty and rich diversity, the Licuan-Baay Community-Based Forest Conservation Area is truly a gem of the Philippines.

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Licuan-Baay Community-Based Forest Conservation Area


6. Manabo Birding Site

Manabo Birding Site is a must-visit destination for bird enthusiasts in the Philippines. This premier bird-watching site is one of Abra’s hidden gems, offering an exciting adventure and a chance to witness a diverse range of avian species.

The guided tours provided by experienced naturalists offer unparalleled opportunities for visitors to witness birds in their natural habitat. With a range of habitats, from rice paddies to forested areas, the site harbors an incredible array of birdlife, including several endangered species.

The stunning scenery, fresh air, and the thrill of bird-watching make Manabo Birding Site a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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Manabo Birding Site


7. Langiden Bird-Watching Trail

The Langiden Bird-Watching Trail is one of the most popular bird-watching sites and tours in the Philippines, particularly in the province of Abra. This trail is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, as it boasts a rich variety of bird species that are not easily found in other parts of the country.

Here, you can witness the majestic Philippine eagle soaring through the air, or spot colorful flowerpeckers and sunbirds hiding among the bushes. The trail is relatively easy to navigate and is perfect for all levels of bird watchers.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced birder, the Langiden Bird-Watching Trail is a must-visit destination that will leave you in awe of the incredible birdlife that inhabits the Philippines.

Langiden Bird-Watching Trail


In conclusion

Abra is a paradise for bird watchers and enthusiasts in the Philippines. With its vast and diverse habitats, the province offers seven bird-watching sites and tours that are sure to satisfy everyone’s birding cravings.

From the famous manmade lake, Malibcong, to the rugged cliffs of Lusuac, Abra boasts a remarkable variety of both common and rare bird species. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned birder, these sites and tours will guide you to a fulfilling bird-watching experience while exploring Abra’s natural beauty.

So come and witness the birdlife of Abra, and let’s contribute to protecting this ecological wonder for generations to come.