Explore International Flavors: 15 Best International Restaurants in the Philippines

Explore a world of international flavors in the Philippines! Whether you’re looking for Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, or Korean cuisine, the country offers an exciting range of international restaurants to tantalize your taste buds. From classic ramen in Hanamaruken Ramen to Goryeo Korean Dining to savoring authentic Bibimbap and Bulgogi – there’s something for everyone.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the 15 best international restaurants in the Philippines. Whether you’re pining for traditional Chinese hotpot dishes or Spanish tapas and wine, these popular establishments have something for everyone. Bon Appetit!

Explore International Flavors_ 15 Best International Restaurants in the Philippines


The Popular International Restaurants in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to a myriad of international restaurants that specialize in a variety of cuisines. From Japanese, Italian, and Spanish dishes to Middle Eastern favorites, the options are endless for those looking for a diverse dining experience.

Many of these restaurants are located in popular tourist hotspots such as Manila and Cebu City, offering visitors the opportunity to sample cuisine from different cultures. With expert chefs from around the world whipping up delicious fare, customers can be sure to be served delectable dishes every time they decide to indulge in one of these international restaurants.

The Popular International Restaurants in the Philippines


Japanese Restaurants

Japanese restaurants have become hugely popular in the Philippines, offering a variety of traditional dishes and exciting new flavors. From savory ramen to succulent sushi, there’s something for everyone.


1. Seryna Japanese Restaurant

Seryna Japanese Restaurant in Makati is renowned for its high-quality teppanyaki and sushi cuisine. Boasting an extensive menu and warm ambiance, it is the perfect place for couples, friends, and families looking for an evening of delicious Japanese flavors.

They offer lunch sets, daily specials as well as course menus that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. The restaurant also caters to special occasions such as birthdays and reunions.

The staff is knowledgeable about all the dishes available, offering helpful advice on selections according to individual tastes. Valuing their customers, Seryna Japanese Restaurant makes sure diners get the very best experience each time they visit.

Address: 2277 Chino Roces Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1230 Metro Manila

Phone: (02)88943855

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Seryna Japanese Restaurant


2. Hanamaruken Ramen

Hanamaruken Ramen is a popular favorite, with locations in Manila and Cebu City. Here you can try traditional Japanese ramen, as well as creative twists on the classic dish. Other favorites include Hanakatsu – an izakaya-style restaurant that serves up delectable skewers and other Japanese delicacies.

All of the dishes at Hanamaruken are made with quality ingredients, and you can even customize your ramen to suit your tastes. Don’t forget to try the restaurant’s signature Hanamiso, a creamy miso-based soup that will leave you wanting more.

To top it off, Hanamaruken Ramen offers a unique atmosphere and friendly service, making it the perfect spot for an evening out. Whether you’re in the mood for some classic Japanese cuisine or just want to try something new and exciting, Hanamaruken is sure to impress.

Address: Trinoma Mall North Avenue, Cor Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, 1105 Metro Manila

Phone: (02)77535949

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Hanamaruken Ramen


3. Nihonbashitei

Nihonbashitei is widely recognized as the best Japanese restaurant in the Philippines. Chef Setsuya Shimizu has been creating delicious and authentic dishes for over two decades, tirelessly perfecting his craft.

The menu features a wide range of dishes such as tonkatsu, ramen, and sushi; each prepared with locally grown ingredients sourced from sustainable farms. Diners can expect an incredible culinary experience guaranteed to satisfy their appetite.

With highly attentive service and a cozy atmosphere, Nihonbashitei is one of the top choices for experiencing traditional Japanese cuisine in the Philippines.

Address: 1030A Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

Phone: (02)88188893

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Chinese Restaurants

Chinese cuisine is always a crowd-pleaser, and the Philippines is no exception. Here you’ll find a wide range of restaurants that specialize in authentic Chinese dishes. From classic hotpot to dim sum, there’s something for everyone looking to sample northern or southern flavors. Many of these establishments serve traditional fare made with fresh ingredients, making them the perfect spot for an evening with friends and family.


4. China Blue

China Blue is an award-winning Chinese cuisine restaurant located in the Philippines. Featuring traditional Chinese flavors and recipes, it stands out from other restaurants for its exciting dishes and venue.

The menu offerings at China Blue are diverse and varied, including dumplings, noodles, rice dishes, seafood specials, and vegetarian options. With its sumptuous entrees and welcoming ambiance, it’s no surprise that China Blue is considered to be one of the top Chinese restaurants in the Philippines.

Among its many accolades, the restaurant has consistently been featured by local food guides as a must-visit spot for anyone embarking on a culinary journey like none other.

Address: Pasay, Metro Manila

Phone: (02)88339999

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China Blue


5. Master Chua Foodhaus – JM Basa

Master Chua Foodhaus – JM Basa is a casual Chinese restaurant located in Iloilo City. It specializes in various Chinese dishes and also serves classic Filipino favorites. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, with an interior that features warm colors, wooden furnishings, and Chinese-inspired decor.

The menu at Master Chua Foodhaus – JM Basa includes traditional Chinese food such as fried dim sum, congee, dumplings, and noodles. In addition, the restaurant also serves a variety of Filipino dishes like adobo, lechon kawali, and lumpia. Customers can enjoy their meals in the comfortable dining area or have them delivered to their homes.

Master Chua Foodhaus – JM Basa provides excellent customer service by always ensuring that orders are accurately prepared and promptly served.

Address: JM Basa St, Iloilo City Proper, Iloilo City, Iloilo

Phone: +639177534529

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Master Chua Foodhaus - JM Basa


6. Xin Tian Di

Xin Tian Di is a popular Chinese restaurant in the Philippines that offers an array of traditional and modern Chinese dishes, as well as some fusion creations. This restaurant has become a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike due to its excellent customer service, warm atmosphere, and of course, delicious food.

The menu consists of everything from classic favorites such as Peking duck, sweet and sour pork, dim sum, and wonton soup. All dishes are freshly prepared with the highest quality ingredients available. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of Chinese wines that pair perfectly with your meal.

Overall, Xin Tian Di is a great place to enjoy a delicious dinner in an inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or a modern twist on Chinese cuisine, you’ll find it here. So come by and enjoy an unforgettable meal with your friends and family at Xin Tian Di!

Address: Ortigas Avenue, Corner ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila

Phone: (02)87903100

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Xin Tian Di


Italian Restaurants

Italy is renowned for its delicious cuisine, and the Philippines is no exception. There are a variety of Italian restaurants in the country that offer classic dishes such as pizza, pasta, and risotto. From casual trattorias to fine-dining establishments, there’s something for everyone looking for an unforgettable Italian dining experience.


7. Italianni’s Ayala Cebu

Italianni’s Ayala Cebu is one of the best Italian restaurants in the Philippines. With its warm, inviting atmosphere and delicious selection of traditional dishes, it’s no surprise that this restaurant has become a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike.

The menu at Italianni’s consists of classic favorites such as pizzas, pastas, risotto, and gelato. Each dish is made with only the freshest ingredients from Italy to ensure that customers get an authentic Italian dining experience.

The restaurant also offers a full bar where customers can enjoy a variety of wines and spirits to pair with their meals. With its attentive service and cozy atmosphere, Italianni’s is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or an evening with friends and family.

Address: AAyala Mall, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Phone: (032)2665732

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Italianni's Ayala Cebu


8. A Mano

A Mano is a must-try Italian eatery located in the Philippines. From their freshly prepared pasta and traditional Italian marinara sauces to their signature dish of chicken parmesan, they make sure each plate tastes like a home-cooked meal but even better.

Guests can expect to find impeccable service, delectable food, and an overall pleasant dining experience at A Mano. Moreover, it’s so popular that most tables are filled with customers all day long—based on ratings and reviews, this restaurant is one of the best in the country for true Italian cuisine.

Address: Lopez Dr, Makati, Metro Manila

Phone: +639175526266

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A Mano


9. Caruso Ristorante Italiano

Caruso Ristorante Italiano is a renowned Italian restaurant located in the heart of Manila, Philippines. It has been serving delicious, authentic Italian cuisine for over 10 years. The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes made from fresh ingredients imported directly from Italy using traditional recipes and methods.

Caruso strives to make every patron feel like they have been transported to Italy when dining in the restaurant. The menu features classic Italian dishes such as pasta, veal, risotto, and pizza. Additionally, Caruso offers an extensive wine list featuring some of the best Italian wines.

The place also provides a great atmosphere with warm lighting and comfortable seating arrangements perfect for romantic dinners or family gatherings. Whether you are looking for a casual meal or a special occasion, Caruso Ristorante Italiano is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience.

Address: Ground floor, LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila

Phone: (02)88958790

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Caruso Ristorante Italiano


Spanish Restaurants

Spanish Restaurants in the Philippines offer a unique and delicious dining experience. They serve authentic Spanish fare using traditional ingredients like olives, chorizo, and other regional specialties. Guests can enjoy an array of tapas such as pintxos, patatas bravas, and croquetas de jamon. Enjoy a delightful meal at one of the many Spanish Restaurants scattered throughout the Philippines.


10. Hola Bombón

Located at the heart of the Philippine capital, Hola Bombón is celebrated as one of the best restaurants serving Spanish cuisines in the country. This remarkable establishment boasts a diverse menu of traditional Spanish dishes infused with local ingredients and flavors that lend themselves to an amazing dining experience.

With its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food, it is easy to see why Hola Bombón has earned a noteworthy reputation among both locals and foreigners alike. It is a great place to enjoy exquisite meals with family and friends or even for intimate gatherings in an intimate setting.

Address: 5887 Fermina, cor Enriquez, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Phone: +639175201880

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Hola Bombón



11. La Pícara Manila

La Pícara Manila is a well-known Spanish restaurant located in the Philippines, praised for its authentic yet modern take on traditional Spanish cuisine. Their menu puts an emphasis on freshness and quality ingredients, as every meal is prepared with only the finest and freshest produce.

A highlight of their offerings are paellas made with succulent seafood, imported saffron, and top-quality rice grown in Paete and slow-cooked to perfection. Of course, La Pícara also offers delicious tapas that can be shared with friends while washing them down with some fine Spanish wines.

With award-winning Executive Chef Aris Reyes at the helm of its kitchen, La Pícara Manila has definitely earned its well-deserved reputation as the best Spanish restaurant in the Philippines.

Address: 2nd Floor, One Bonifacio High Street Mall High Street, corner, 5th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

Phone: +639271724480

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La Pícara Manila


12. Bueno Tapas & Wine Restaurant

Bueno Tapas & Wine Restaurant is a top-notch Spanish restaurant located in the Philippines. This establishment puts a unique spin on classic flavors, offering a tasting menu that celebrates the diverse food culture of Spain.

The restaurant’s delectable Mediterranean dishes and tantalizing tapas plates provide plenty of culinary delight for all types of diners. Those looking to have an unforgettable dining experience are sure to be amazed by Bueno Tapas & Wine Restaurant’s excellent fare and friendly service.

Whether you’re in the mood for some sangria and tapas or want to indulge in their signature paella dish, this restaurant has something for everyone, making it the go-to destination for traditional Spanish food in the area.

Address: Retail Row, The Grove by Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Ugong, Pasig City, 1604 Metro Manila

Phone: +639176378441

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Bueno Tapas & Wine Restaurant


Korean Restaurants

Korean Restaurants can be found in many parts of the Philippines, offering a range of delicious and authentic Korean dishes. From traditional favorites such as Bibimbap and Jajangmyun to more modern interpretations of classic recipes, there’s sure to be something to satisfy any craving. The popularity of Korean restaurants is due in part to the quality of their food and friendly service.


13. Sariwon Korean Barbecue

Sariwon Korean Barbecue is the leading Korean restaurant in the Philippines. They offer guests a vast array of traditional Korean flavors, all prepared with fresh ingredients and genuine love. Whether enjoying Galbi (Korean grilled beef), Bi Bim Bap (vegetable rice bowl), or Yakwoo Namul (seasoned vegetable side dish), customers can be assured they are being served the best food by passionate chefs.

Their restaurants have become so popular that some locations stay open late into the night to serve those who just can’t get enough, further emphasizing Sariwon Korean Barbecue’s commitment to their loyal customers. Delicious and convenient, it is no surprise that Sariwon remains one of the most beloved Korean restaurants in the Philippines.

Address: C2, Bonifacio High Street Central 7th Avenue, corner 29th St, Taguig, Metro Manila

Phone: (02)76213205

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Sariwon Korean Barbecue


14. MakChang

MakChang is a highly popular really unique Korean restaurant located in the Philippines. This much-beloved destination specializes in authentic Korean cuisine and its head chef, Chef Chen Mengsen Shuxian, has finally brought his legacy of traditional Korean cooking to the country.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed with a friendly atmosphere and the aroma of freshly cooked dishes from all over Korea, from beef-based stews to hearty noodle soups. MakChang prides itself on offering quality cuisines at competitive prices, making customers feel like they have been transported to Korea without having to book an expensive airplane ticket.

Address: 1547 M. Adriatico St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

Phone: +639278795538

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15. Goryeo Korean Dining

Goryeo Korean Dining is the premier destination for authentic Korean cuisine in the Philippines. Set in the bustling media capital of Metro Manila, visitors to this restaurant can sample the freshest ingredients prepared and cooked with traditional Korean methods.

Perfect for intimate dinners or private parties, Goryeo offers a wide selection of meals that span all the classics—from bibimbap to kimchi jjigae—ensuring satisfaction for any type of diner. The restaurant also offers a variety of wines and beers to pair with your meal.

Address: Okada Manila, New Seaside Dr, Entertainment City, Parañaque, 1701 Metro Manila

Phone: (02)85555799

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Goryeo Korean Dining


In Conclusion

The Philippines is a great place for foodies who want to try something new or sample some of the different international cuisines. From classic favorites such as Chinese and Italian restaurants to more exotic options like Spanish and Korean eateries, there are countless dining experiences to choose from.

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or just want to try some delicious international fare, the Philippines has something for everyone. So come on down and see what this amazing country has to offer. Bon Appétit!