Dance the night away at the MassKara Festival

The annual MassKara Festival in Bacolod, Philippines is the ultimate celebration of Filipino culture, music, and dance. Every year thousands of revelers descend on the streets to dance through the night to traditional Filipino tunes, as well as some of the best contemporary Latin music from around the world.

Dance the night away at the MassKara Festival and be mesmerized by an array of vibrant costumes and masks. Revel in the festive atmosphere, enjoy some delicious street food, and listen to upbeat music as you join in on the fun. With its electrifying energy, this week-long celebration is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and unforgettable memories.

Attendees can expect extraordinary live performances, vibrant décor depicting traditional Filipino artwork, delicious local delicacies, and of course – lots of dancing! Join us on this unforgettable journey through MassKara and Dance the Night Away!

Dance the night away at the MassKara Festival


The History of MassKara Festival

The MassKara Festival is a popular annual event held in Bacolod City, Philippines, known for its colorful masks, lively music, and energetic dance performances.

The festival has a rich history that dates back to 1980, when Bacolod City was facing economic difficulties and a tragic incident occurred, causing the people to feel downhearted and dejected.

To uplift the spirits of the city and its people, the local government and community leaders came up with the idea of the MassKara Festival, where the word “MassKara” is a combination of “mass” meaning “many” and “kara” meaning “face” or “mask”.

The festival was designed to bring a smile to the faces of the people and spread joy and positivity in the city.

The first MassKara Festival was held in 1980, and since then it has become an annual tradition, celebrated on the third weekend of October. The festival features street dancing competitions, music performances, beauty pageants, and a grand fireworks display.

The highlight of the festival is the colorful masks, which are made by local artists and worn by the participants in the street dancing competition.

Over the years, the MassKara Festival has grown in popularity and has become one of the most celebrated festivals in the Philippines. It attracts visitors from all over the world and has become an important part of Bacolod City’s cultural identity, symbolizing hope, joy, and resilience.

The festival continues to bring the people of Bacolod City together, reminding them of their shared history and community spirit.

The History of MassKara Festival


Celebrating with Dance and Music

The MassKara Festival is a celebration of dance, music, and culture, held annually in Bacolod City, Philippines. The festival is packed with a variety of activities and events that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the city and its people. Here are some of the most popular activities during the MassKara Festival:

  1. Street Dancing Competition – One of the main highlights of the festival is the street dancing competition, where participants wear colorful masks and costumes and dance to lively music. The competition is open to both amateur and professional dance groups, and the winner is awarded a cash prize.
  2. Music Performances – The festival features live music performances by local artists, including traditional and modern dance music. Visitors can enjoy the music and dance along with the performers.
  3. Beauty Pageants – The MassKara Festival also includes beauty pageants, where contestants showcase their beauty and talents in front of a panel of judges.
  4. Food and Craft Stalls – Visitors can sample a variety of delicious local cuisine at food stalls set up around the festival, as well as browse the handmade crafts on sale.
  5. Fireworks Display – The festival concludes with a grand fireworks display, where the sky is lit up with a colorful display of pyrotechnics.

These are just some of the activities that take place during the MassKara Festival. Visitors can expect to experience a fun and festive atmosphere, filled with music, dance, and celebration. The festival is a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions, as well as to enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

Celebrating with Dance and Music


Highlighting the Colorful Costumes and Masks

The colorful and creative costumes of the MassKara Festival are an integral part of the celebration. With their intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and elaborate designs, the masks are one of the most remarkable components of this festival.

The amazing array of costumes and masks represents religious icons and historical figures, as well as traditional symbols and modern characters.

The colorful masks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They feature bright feathers and mirrors, as well as beads and sequins. The vibrant costumes are crafted with materials such as bamboo, cloth, paper mache, paper-mâché, and plastic.

Each mask has its own unique design that is a reflection of its creator’s artistic expression. The masks often feature humorous and playful elements that add to the merriment of the festival.

The costumes also feature striking accessories such as hats, headdresses, crowns, and wigs. These accessories are made with a variety of materials, including plastic, cloth, feathers, and beads. The costumes are often accessorized with bells, whistles, and other noisemakers that add to the excitement of the festival.

The costumes worn by participants in the MassKara Festival create an unforgettable atmosphere of joy, color, and festivity. The masks are a reminder of Bacolod City’s unique cultural identity and heritage, as well as its enduring spirit of resilience and hope.

The costumes and masks of the MassKara Festival are a vivid representation of the joy that can be found in unity and celebration.

Highlighting the Colorful Costumes and Masks


The Festive Atmosphere and Excitement of the Festival

The MassKara Festival is a vibrant celebration filled with music, dance, and colorful costumes. The streets of Bacolod are filled with revelers in masks and costumes dancing to the beat of festive drums and horns. Streetside vendors line the way offering delicious food and drinks, as well as other souvenirs for purchase.

There are also lively parades, performances, and competitions that add to the festive atmosphere.

The excitement of the festival is palpable as participants from all walks of life come together to celebrate their culture and heritage. The festivities culminate in a grand parade where celebrants don their colorful costumes and masks for one last show of festivity.

With its vibrant colors and infectious music, the MassKara Festival is an unforgettable experience that brings joy and hopes to all who attend.

The MassKara Festival continues to bring people together in a spirit of unity and celebration. This unique festival captures the vibrant culture and heritage of Bacolod City while providing a platform for local artists, performers, and craftspeople to showcase their talents.

With its colorful costumes, masks, and festive atmosphere, the MassKara Festival is truly a celebration of life and joy.

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The Festive Atmosphere and Excitement of the Festival


Participating in the Street Dancing Competition

The street dancing competition is one of the most exciting and anticipated events of the MassKara Festival in Bacolod City, Philippines. Participants from amateur and professional dance groups come together to showcase their skills and compete for a cash prize. Here is what you need to know if you are interested in participating in the street dancing competition:

  • Registration: To participate, dance groups must first register with the festival organizers. Information on the registration process and deadlines can be found on the official MassKara Festival website or through local community organizations.
  • Rehearsals: Participants are expected to rehearse beforehand, to ensure that their dance performance is polished and ready for the competition. Dance groups may also participate in pre-festival events and rehearsals to build up excitement and anticipation.
  • Costumes and Masks: One of the signature features of the MassKara Festival is the colorful masks and costumes worn by the participants in the street dancing competition. Participants are expected to wear vibrant and eye-catching outfits, which can be purchased from local shops or made by hand.
  • Music: Participants are expected to provide their own music, which must be appropriate for a public event and in line with the festival’s theme. Music can be performed live or recorded.
  • Performance: On the day of the competition, participants will line up on the streets and perform their dance routine to the music. Judges will evaluate the performances based on factors such as energy, creativity, and synchronization.

Participating in the street dancing competition is a great way to get involved in the MassKara Festival and experience the excitement and energy of the event. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or simply looking to have fun, the competition offers a unique and memorable experience.

Participating in the Street Dancing Competition


In conclusion

The MassKara Festival has been an electrifying experience with its vibrant traditional dances, captivating costumes, and thrilling music. It is clear that this week-long celebration truly knows how to party!

Whether you chose to join in on the fun or simply watched alongside, no one could ever deny the infectious energy that lingers during this joyous festival.

By joining Dance the night away at the MassKara Festival, attendees have had the chance to unlock some of the oldest rhythms from a fascinating culture—all while basking in a cooperative spirit full of smiles and exuberance.